23/11 Impersonating does not equal to idolising (semi-rant)

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After going MIA for so long, I'm not even sure why I suddenly have this urge to blog. Probably to spread the message and to let more people be aware. Honestly, I didn't expect such a thing to happen to myself in the first place so I didn't bother much... until today that is.

It was just a regular day of me being tired and grumpy about work.
The pains of having to wake up at 7++ and go to work by 9 everyday has got to be one of the most horrible things in the world. I was informed by my best friend - since primary school - about a person who has been impersonating me. I was enraged and annoyed - then again who wouldn't when you see a stranger taking your photos and claiming it as their own.

So.. I was pretty much raging the whole time the sun was up and I eventually broke down when night came. I felt stupid then I broke down because I feel like I shouldn't when I have many people supporting, helping and standing up for me. By breaking down I feel like I'm losing out - meh.
I felt stupid after that.

Right after I posted about to inform others to be careful I received many encouraging messages.
I'm really thankful.


I just thought I made it known because some people actually expected me to be happy about it and thought I was being weird by pissed and annoyed.

What I really wanted to say is that I don't really the point in being happy about being a victim of identity theft. Many told me it's a sign of being famous or that I have a super fan etc. but no.
In my opinion, there's nothing to celebrate about when someone just took my photo and pretended to me when communicating with people I don't know with my face. The thought itself was pretty scary.
And this is not a super fan. Not at all.
A fan is someone who idolises or admire your work, not someone who steals your work and then pretend to be you. That is a stalker and an identity theft not a fan.


30/09 "You wanna play too?"

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Hello lovelies! 
I hope your monday has been good today because it's gonna be awhile before the weekend comes! Monday is always horrible when you have to wake up on a rainy morning feeling sleepy and meh-ish. It's that point in life when you wonder, "Oh why do I have to wake up."
Sadly, we still have to. D:

(Photo by Shutter Paradox)

Last week was no different than the previous week. I still had a shoot planned because I'm still keen to finish up my backlog for my shoots. Plus I figured I wouldn't have time to do any shoots when school starts. The day started off with my preparation for my Annie shoot. Was pretty excited because it has been a while since I last cosplayed Annie and being one of my favourite champion, being able to cos her is a delight. 

Well, it's not everyday I get to wear a dress in red and skip around with a teddy bear for no reason. 


I was happy I was able to work with Calvin. He was really nice to work with.
Though I struggled with a few expression - as usual - he was cool about it and gave me time to try again. 
Thank you to everyone who came down to help that day, I really appreciate it.
The shoot ended faster than I have expected. I did thought it might be longer but we managed to get the shots we need and tadah, done! (: I guess it's good because that means we didn't have be under the hot sun and die from the heat. 
I'm not sure how the pictures will turn out but I'm pretty excited! Oh dear lord please tell me I didn't mess up my Annie cos like how I would if I play her in mid lane. 

Have I mention I have no affinity with the mid lane? 


Anyways, after the shoot ended I met up with Zhenwei, Kang Lin and Bao Wei for lunch! :D
It was nice to meet up for no reason at all. Like just a meet up not because of an upcoming event or photo shoot. Just a meet up. I'm a sucker for shaker fries so we ended up eating mac. As usual Kanglin laughing at my height because I was wearing flats for Annie. 


Blame myself for choosing all the short characters QAQ But then my height fit them best. T^T

But then again we were bored half way and we decided on a last min casual shoot. It was random and fun. I feel that we actually spend more time talking than shooting. We were just talking and waiting for the sun set while talking random pictures on the way. It was really fun! :D

(Photo by ~Zwei~)

I was glad to be able to help them with a few shoot they were trying to shoot. :D
It really feel nice to just sit around doing nothing and talk. I guess it's always nice to catch up with old friends.
It doesn't seem like it but I've known both Zhenwei and Kang Lin for a year already and it's always nice to see them with events (:

And that sums up my weekend~!
Thanks for reading xD 

29/09 : Cosfest Day 2! ( A late post)

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Hi guys! 

I apologize for the late update, was rushing assignments and submissions for the past 2 weeks and things for finally calmed down. Plus I just had a productive studying session so it feels really great. Work has kept me so preoccupied that I was clueless that the semester was actually coming to an end. Just like that, i'm another step closer to graduation.

A random self cam while studying today xD

That aside, time to get back to matter at hand - my thoughts of cosfest day 2!

As many of you do probably already know, I was working at Toki Doki Maid Cafe on Day 2! 
I have been promoting ticket sales at various of my social media site so I guess it would be pretty hard to miss 8'D As mentioned before, I was really excited because it was my first time working at a maid cafe so I couldn't wait. 

Overall, it was really fun working at the cafe and I'm really hope all the guests who came down was happy. We really did try our best (:

(The above was typed a long time ago. I'm pretty lazy to delete it so i'm just gonna let it stay.)

So the day started off with preparation - uh duh?
We - the maids and butlers - arrive slightly earlier to get ready and ensure everything in the cafe is fine and set to go. On shift that day was Alan, Caleb, Nini, Sarah, Rian, Kei, Sochi, Emi and Simon. I hope my brain hasn't failed me because I'm trying my best to recall what happened on that very day. Oh well, I only have myself to blame for blogging late 8'D

Anyways, like the first day the cafe started off with the VIP sessions where guests get to enjoy dining with Cosfest guest cosplayers! Day 1 was Reika and for Day 2 was Kotori and Inui! I was pretty nervous because it was my first time meeting both guest cosplayers but Kotori's friendliness ease up a lot of the tension I had. xD She didn't just go around communicating with the guests but also with us ^^ She even taught us a new power up and told us to do it together with her for the guest. She was absolutely adorable and it's a pity I didn't manage to get a picture with her D:

Later on that day, I was visited by friends and guests who requested for me to serve. I'm really thankful for everyone who dropped by. I'm not lying when I say that every guest who visit brings a smile to my face. :D AND I FINALLY COULD WIN PEOPLE IN SCISSOR-PAPER-STONE. I have been losing because I was told I was very predictable but I managed to win quite a few games so I was pretty happy that day. Hehheh.
And it was fun to design and draw on the plates OwO I do apologize for my fail drawing and I promise to improve when I do serve the next time QAQ GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Just when the day was about to end, I was lucky enough to serve Jang Wang and Kaitou from Team Konoha. ^^ They were both very friendly and we shared lots of laughter during the session xD Even though I couldn't get a picture with them both, I managed to give them my coscard and I was definitely honored to be able to give it to them. I was really happy when Jang Wang remember me after the event because she replied to some of my comment on her status calling me "Aiko" QAQ I was so touched. I didn't expect to be remembered since I was the average normal person.

Overall I would really like to thank everyone who dropped by. Regardless if you went into the cafe or not, I appreciate the thought and the support given! I'm grateful to my friends who decided to drop by and request for me to serve. I'm really touched and thankful for the support. Though everything was pretty much done in a rather short span of time ( from the auditions, to the training and then to the event itself) I'm really happy I was able to be part of the team. I was rather awkward at first but everyone was really nice and friendly. I managed to meet new friends and gain new experience. ^^

Honestly, I kindda miss doing the greeting. I guess I will use it to end off the post though it doesn't make sense.

"Okaerinasaimase, goshuijin-sama, ojou-sama!"

23/09: A late post.

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 /bows/ I apologize for the loss of updates on my blog.
School was really getting into me the previous sem so I didn't have time to blog. And I have to confess, I spend most of my rest time on gaming instead.
Yep, i'm partly guilty for being lazy to post as well. /gets slapped/

I really like to thank everyone who still bothers dropping by my humble little blog and ask for updates.
It's pretty nice to know that someone out there still reads and await for a new post. Such thing greatly encourages me to post more! Well, truth to be told I didn't really give up blogging. I have ideas on what to blog and do plan on the subjects - I even took pictures QAQ - but then I end up gaming and ... you know the rest of the story.

The first semester of school officially ended a few weeks ago which also meant the start of my internship.
I'm pretty neutral about it. Though work can get pretty tough sometimes and I have to go to work 5 day straight, I'm usually free from work at night and on the weekends. There's no need for me to fret about projects, assignments or tutorials.

Hehheh, and I thought it would be a pretty good time to clear the backlog I have on my shoots. 
I have been delaying quite a few of shoots and rejected a few offers because of school. Being in my last year, I didn't want to screw things up so I left my days open for school work. 

So I'm busy trying to clear my backlog and take offers because I have a feeling that once my internship ends and school starts, I need to delay them again. Just set a goal to at least clear my backlog by AFA. Talking about AFA, it's still a month away but I'm all excited over it already. 

(Photo by Jim Lek , Post process by me)

Jim invited me for a shoot last Saturday and I was pretty excited. Took me awhile to decide to cos Riri because part of me wanted to wait for my Soushi and for AFA. Then again my cos was ready so I thought I could just give it a go. I was really excited for the shoot and really thankful for the invite. 

Now I'm just patiently waiting for my Soushi's cos to arrive and then prepare for another shoot? :X

(photo by Jim Lek)

Hehheh, Ririchiyo will see with Soushi at AFA! xD

03/08 - Short update/rant

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Gah, I think I'm back on so many posts that I have to give up on my daily blog post challenge. 
I guess I should have expected year 3 to make me THIS busy. I apologise for the lack of updates ):
I don't even have the time to finish up my cosfest day 2 post about my experience in the maid cafe. 
It will take a while since I have quite a few things to write but if all fails, I'm just gonna sum everything up and make it a really short post. I guess that's good if you were expecting text walls. 

Recently I've been going mad crazy about one of ongoing anime, Brothers Conflict! OwO!
If you have  no idea what that is, it's the story about a girl who ends up having 13 step-brothers after her dad remarries. HEHHEH, and like any other otome genre anime/game the brothers start falling for her. Yes, I know some of me might be going "STEP BROTHERS OR NOT, ITS STILL WRONG" but well... I always have this thing for brother and sister love so I guess Brocon appealed to me a lot. I guess the logic behind having 13 guys in this game is to let the game appeal to many more girls? 

Out of 13 different guys, there is bound to be 1 you are at least okay with... right? OAO?!

So I went on this "craze", I went to watch the anime, read the novels and played passion pink! 
Passion pink was not too bad! You get to interact with 7 of the brothers - Masaomi, Kaname, Hikaru, Tsubaki, Subaru, Yusuke and Fuuto. Up till now I have played 6 of the characters excluding Masaomi! Managed to get all the CGs and events which allows me get an extra epilogue scene at the end - yay. And because the twins are probably my top favourite, I went to try out the twins ending where you get Tsubaki and Azusa to both like you.

Picture from :
I nearly died watching the ending because it was too suggestive 8'D
Then again, all the endings are pretty suggestive.

I have yet to finish the game with Hikaru ending or the family ending because after the twins... I slightly lost interest /shots/ but then again I saw some of the CGs for the family ending and I still get tempted to play it every now and then.

All I know is that I can't wait for Brilliant Blue because I wanna play Azusa's route. ): 
It makes me wonder if Brilliant Blue will have the twins ending as well though I really hope is it does for the ending to be slightly different otherwise I don't really see the point in playing the same thing in both PP and BB. :/ Oh well, I just hope BB comes out soon. /waits/


Lately, I have been feeling really down. 
Emotions going down in a downwards spiral. :/

Having others remind me about how bad it was compared to the last time shook me.
Especially since it was from someone who didn't knew me that well at all.
It just got me wondering if shit was that obvious.

But then, I have reminded myself countless of time that this period of my life is ending.
It was a tough battle but I'm halfway through with it. A little more and I will be finished with it.

It can't be helped because I can't please everyone. 
I can't help that not everyone is gonna be okay with me and the things I enjoy doing.
I guess I just have to grow to accept it. 

Plus, there are people who accepts me for who I am and are constantly supporting me.
Though I don't get to see them everyday, they are always there when I'm down. 

So, I'm not alone and I should be happy about that.

(: <3 p="">

Cosfest Day 1!

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#nowplaying : My Soul Your Beats (Yui/Rock Version) - Lisa. 

Before I get started, I thought it would be nice to listening to one of my favourite song from Angel Beats (AB), My Soul Your Beats. I enjoy both versions of the song but since I cos-ed Yui on day 1, I thought it would be more appropriate to listen to that. Angel Beat is an anime that I started watching last year. My bro has watched it a long time ago when we were in Secondary 4 but I wasn't really interested in it. I only started watching it because I was planning to cos with one of my friends who suggested we do Angel Beats. The anime only had 13 episodes so I agreed to cos the series and while looking through the characters bio before I watched, I decided to do Yui - I was told to choose between Kanade, Yuri and Yui because of my height xD - because I found her personality to fit mine the most.

(I was gonna wait for more pictures to be uploaded before I posted this but then I was afraid I might be too busy or lazy to post anything by then so I decided to post day 1 first! )

Cosfest this year marks my first year in cosplaying! It isn't much but I'm still happy because it was a hobby that I picked up which made me really happy. I was able to join a group for Angel Beats for cosfest this year and we decided to cos during the first day of cosfest. It was my first time being in a group and I was a little nervous because I always have a problem being around people when I meet them for the first time. Having done Yui badly once, I didn't want to fail again so I got more nervous. But... I was also excited to go because I would have a chance to meet many of my friends, some who I have never met for a while. 

Getting to the event got me slightly mad because many taxi drivers ignored me when I flag for them. I'm not sure if the drivers are doing it intentionally or they're just afraid me but they always drive off and end up picking up the people who weas flagging which got me really mad. Though I was in full cos, Yui wasn't scary at all! D: I was only carrying my tote bag - filled with my belonging - and a guitar! WHAT DO YOU THINK IM CAPABLE OF DOING?! 

When I was about to give up, a nice cab uncle picked me up and drove me to dte. I was thankful because the weight of my bag and the guitar was killing me. I reached the event pretty early so I went to meet up with Jounka and Yamino who were preparing for the event at the area behind the tent. I ended up camping at the area the whole event with my team because I couldn't walk much due my leg accessories. ): They fall off whenever I walk too much and I had to redo them. They just fall off no matter how tight I tie them QAQ. 
I have no idea how Yui does that in the anime every single day, my leg cramped up right after the event which made me worried since I had to work for the maid cafe the next day.

And... this is my team for cosfest!

Photo taken by: Mario Chua

Photo taken by: Marchen Cch

Hinata: 纪南安
Yuri: Karen
Yusa: Elicia 
Shiina: Singye
Otonashi: Edwin
Kanade: Zhi Tong

My team was really awesome for cosfest. We had fun playing around, talking and taking pictures.
A big thank you to everyone in my team for helping me! 

Photo taken by: Decky Visualgraphy

Special mention to Hinata, my dear shifu who always had to help me keep my phone and coscards and hold my props whenever I needed to take photos, exchange coscards or redo my leg accessories or attempt to my pigtails fly again.

I was really upset about it. QAQ I think I need to buy a better hair spray or something.

Another big thank you to photographers and event goers who came and ask for pictures from us or me. I'm very thankful to all of you! (: We are all happy to have our photos taken and we hope we did a great job for the cos! 

My team was really hard working - we going to one 'photo shoot' to another though we were all tired. On this note I would like to thank CosR Photography ,  Naruto4836 Fotoworks , Rainbow Cinematography and Breath Taking Photography for the 'mini shoots'  for my group during the event! (:

It was fun though. I was playing around with Otonashi and Hinata's gun prop. xD

Photo taken by: Jei Ai

And I'm really thankful to Weihong, Jounka and Yueming! If not you three I would have starved or died from thirst! Thank you for allowing me to take a sip of your drinks and some of your food when you guys were eating! Though it was short, it was nice to have sit down and down to Weihong and Jounka for a short time before I left again. 

Photo taken by: Shutter Paradox - Kang Lin

And then I got to meet Kanglin and Zhenwei! Didn't manage to take a photo with Kanglin he was busy taking pictures - yay, thank you xD. 

Photo taken by: Shutter Paradox - Kang Lin

Come to think about it, though they have always been helping out for my shoot I have never really took a proper picture with them! I only took a group picture once for my insta! Hehheh, but now you guys know the guys behide the pictures for some of shoots, the recent one being Annie's which was done by Zhenwei! Come to think about it that means I nearly known the both of them for a year already! xD 

Lesson learnt : I had better start taking more pictures with my photogs. xD

And thank you Jim for buying this adorable figurine of Super Sonice for me from Taiwan!
Isn't it the most adorable thing ever?! Jim was nice enough to help take a picture of me in the event too! :D
I really liked the picture! Plus Jim has helped me out for my Loveward Rin shoot with Miku and SeeU shoot! The vertical picture you see on my coscard was taken by Jim too!

Photo taken by: Jim Lek

Thank you to everyone who exchanged coscards with me!
I'm really happy to receive all of your cards regardless if they are cosplayer or photog cards! I really appreciate them all and will keep them properly! Thank you!

I hope I didn't miss out anyone to thank QAQ

In the end though I was really tired from the event, I was happy. I got meet new friends and met old ones. It was like a happy reunion! I managed to meet some of us from #teamkelly - Terumi and Camille!!! 

Really happy that I managed to meet Terumi! It has been a long time since I last saw her - the last time being the bugis+ event! Getting to meet her and then having a picture taken was like yayyyyyyyy! She had a hard time finding me cause I was camping at the back the whole day but we had some fate and we met when we were leaving!!! Doesn't matter even if I didn't get to see her cos cause I was happy to have met her! 

My meeting was Camille was really short because she rushing back and we couldn't talk much. Her Mikasa cosplay was really good. Though I don't really follow SnK, I seen enough to think it was great. It was just a pity I couldn't talk much with her ): 

Thank you everyone making my day 1 enjoyable! I really enjoyed myself! 

Though not many pictures are uploaded, I have to say I'm really happy with my Yui cos this time around. I felt like I didn't fail her as much I did the last time. I really have to make the pigtails float a little next time. As compared to the last time, I liked many of them this time around because I feel I did it right.

Photo taken by: DeathPaC_PhøtöGraphy

Photo taken by: Naruto4836 Fotoworks

Photo taken by: Mario Chua

Well, I don't know if I'm getting the wrong feeling but I feel like it's a whole better than my first time!
I definitely will not stop improving my Yui cos! I still have a photoshoot to do and I have a feeling Yui will be another character I would be unwilling to leave behind like Namine and Seeu, both who held many good memories with me. 

And day 1 report officially ends here!
Thank you for reading! OwO

0407 Back to the basics.

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Hi guys!
Finally, this week is coming to an end and I get a well deserved rest day tomorrow! Time to prepare for cosfest! I still have to tie up some loose ends for Yui's cos for Saturday! I will be around for cosfest this weekend! Have been spending the past few weekend drowning in work so it's nice to able to finally do something I enjoy this weekend! I'll be cos-ing Yui (Angel Beats) with a group on Saturday so do say hi if you happen to see me! 

Some picture from the costest!

I'm pretty satisfied with the results of the costest. Did this 2 week ago during the last weekday of my holiday when the haze decides to die down. I was quite unsatisfied with my Yui cos at J-Obsession earlier this year and I told myself if I was ever gonna cos her, I had better do something about it. Especially her wig because her fringe was done quite badly and I didn't made her pigtails stand at that time - which is probably one of the most important thing to have when cosing Yui.  

First thing I did was to trim her fringe. It's my first time trimming and cutting wig/hair so I'm quite satisfied with the results - at least her hair looks way better than the first time. Then I tried to make her pigtails stand a little - spammed hair style and prayed for it to stand a little LOL. I had to make some minor changes to her makeup too. If I remember it right, I changed the lashes I used for her too. It was just minor changes to suit Yui more. I just felt like I had to get them right, I feel like I have duty owed to the characters I'm cos-ing. 

Get ready for a better Yui this cosfest! Gonna do my best to bring out Yui! :D

And now so of you might be wondering... Then what are you cos-ing on Sunday? Yui again? o.o
No! I'll be working at Toki Doki Maid Cafe @ Cosfest! 

If you guys have been following me on instagram or facebook, you are probably aware of this now. 
It's my first time working at a maid cafe so it doubles/triples my excitement to work in one! 
Everyone involved has been working very hard to prepare for this event so that we can serve each and everyone to our very best! I'm really thankful to many who have showed their support! If you have already ordered your tickets, I look forward to see you there on Sunday and I thank you for coming down! If you have not got yourself a ticket and still want to visit, no worries, you're decided to sell ticket on site and ticket sales start at 11AM on both days!

I'm not sure since when but I started to have this urge to dye my hair again - not surprisingly ._. - but it wasn't wild colours anymore. It's probably because my internship is coming later this year so I know wild colours are definitely a no-no. Well... and my mum did told me that I'm not allowed to dye my hair again unless I'm gonna get them back to my original colour - black. Surprisingly, it has been 2-3 years since I last had black hair. The only time I had pure black natural hair was that 4 hours after I decided to cut off my curls but then I made a terrible decision to use DIY dye and screw my hair up ._.

It has been a long time since I last saw myself with my natural hair colour, black.
I was starting to miss how I looked. Furthermore, I have been teased 2-3 years straight of being the ang mo jiejie because my hair was always in some shade of brown and I've always spotted with blue lens - largely because my blue lens are from i.fairy and I love i.fairy because they are most comfortable lens.

I guess I'm back to being asian chinese now? xD

Many thanks to Huiyu jie and Andrew kor for my hair. They helped me to trim and dye my hair. This couldn't have been possible without the help from the both of them! 

Honestly, I didn't expect the colour to turn out so well! I had expected myself to be plain and shit but then I really liked it. I'm not even sure why I liked it so much. I mean well, I'll definitely look good in this colour, this was goddamn natural hair colour LOL. 

I really like how it turned out. I feel younger and all.
And guys, I'm lying and this is not a wig. I'm not pranking any of you. I really dyed my hair black.
It was suppose to be dark brown and it turned out black - which is good I guess.
After 2-3 years of having problems with black roots and brown hair, this time I probably would no trouble. THANK GOD, THAT WAS ALWAYS SUCH A PAIN. 
There's no need for me to do much maintaining too. 

Black hair feels like lazy hair, hahahaha.
Futhermore it's not like I can't continue doing what I like. I have always wanted to attempt doing gyaru-inspired makeup with black hair - at one point, I wanted to buy a black hair wig for it ._. . The girls looked really pretty and all in that issue of popteen and I was inspired. 


In conclusion, I'm a happy girl with my black hair.
I might probably complain it again in 3 months but then again, I really like it now.
I can't get used to it actually, hahahah!

Anyways, I hope to see you guys at Cosfest this weekend!
Thank you for reading!